There Is More Than One Slate Roof Style

In the UK when we think of slate we tend to think of it laid in a uniform style, however slate is far more versatile with a variety of different roofing styles to choose from. Here are some of the more popular slate roof styles.

Graduated Slate Roofs
Graduated slate roofs can be found all over the UK, particularly on older period properties. The style originates from a time where slates were not cut to a uniform size and part of the roofers job was to sort slates so that larger slates were close to the eaves of a property and smaller ones placed at the top of the roof. The difference in size was not particularly noticeable when people view the roof from below.

Standard slate roof design
Those looking for a roof to compliment a minimalist building design would do well to consider a standard slate roof design. This is where all slates will be the same length and width and the overall appearance will be free from clutter.

Random style slate roofs
As the name suggests slate roofs don’t need to display uniformity. Differences in the texture and sizes of the slate can make a feature of the roof. While this type of roof may appear to be haphazard, a lot of planning and skill comes into laying tiles in this way.

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