There is More Than One Type of Slate Roof Design

When most people think of slate roofs in the UK they think of quaint Welsh towns with their uniform tile layouts. Yet there are plenty of other slate roof styles to choose from if you are looking for something different.

While standard slate roofs feature rectangular slates in standard lengths and widths laid out uniformly, alternative designs will see variations in both patterns, sizes and even the condition of the tiles themselves.

Patterned slate roofs for example may incorporate a variety of slate colours and shapes that are blended together to create some stunning effects. Floral and geometric patterns can be used to display anything from names to dates and so on. So not only do you get to benefit from the natural longevity of slate, you can make it individual as well.

Another variation on slate roof arrangement is having random widths of slate tile with uniform lengths and thicknesses. Width variations can vary from two widths to up to eight.

Some slate roof designs might even save you money by incorporating weathered slate tiles which will add texture and ensure that no slate will go to waste during the construction of the roof.

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