Things to Fix in Your Home Over the Summer

With summer fast approaching, chances are you’ve done your spring cleaning and have noticed a few things around your home that need fixing.

Some DIY jobs can be done at any time, but others, especially those outside, should ideally be done over the summer. In this blog, we’ll be looking at some things that you should consider fixing during the sunnier months.

Central Heating

The summer might seem like a strange time to be thinking about your central heating, but the last thing you want is to get to the winter months only to find it’s colder inside your home than it is outside!

Bleeding a radiator is the most common and effective way of getting your heating working again. This simple process is a useful one to learn, and carrying it out will improve your understanding of how your central heating system works, so don’t be scared to give it a go!

To ensure an even distribution of hot water to the radiators in a system, you’ll need to do what’s known as balancing the system. Balancing radiators is achieved by using the lockshield valve on each to regulate the flow of water to the radiator. By partial closing of these valves, the radiators nearest the pump can be restricted more than those further away.


As strange as it may seem, the best time to fix your plumbing is before it needs fixing.

Burst pipes in the water system are one of the most common plumbing problems. Several things can cause burst pipes; the main one being freezing conditions. A pipe bursts when frozen due to the expansion of the water as it becomes ice. This puts pressure on the pipe from the inside, and something has to give. This is almost always the soft copper or plastic of the pipe.

If you’ve been suffering from leaking taps, replacing a cartridge, washer or other internal component can easily solve the problem.

Unless there is damage to the porcelain, a toilet can easily last a lifetime. However, as the flushing mechanisms are made up of moving parts, they will wear out and need to be replaced.


When winter hits and it’s raining from dawn until dusk, the last place you want to be is on your roof.

Your roof is one of, if not the most, important parts of your home. Without it, you would suffer from wind and rain getting in, your heating bills would rise and your house would look very strange indeed!

Algae growth is commonplace in the UK due to our temperate climate. The moisture of the growth eventually permeates and weakens the shingle structure, and can cause parts to detach.

Wear, tear or particularly bad winters will damage your flashing and allow water to weaken the chimney stack, inevitably leading to the other problems. Replacing the sheet metal flashing is the best way to prevent further problems.

One of the worst problems when it comes to your roof is wood rot. Rot is pervasive enough to potentially bring a house down and you might not even know it’s there! Prevention is certainly better than cure when it comes to rot.

Missing slates and tiles on your roof can cause many of the problems listed above. We at All Slates Ltd. are one of the leading slate suppliers in the UK, and our assortment of crafted slate tiles can be tailored to meet any scope of demand.

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