Thinking Of Buying a House?

Here’s Why You Should Have Your Roof Surveyed

When buying a house many people make the mistake of thinking that a standard homebuyers survey will cover all the important areas of the house. Yet problems with the roof can often be missed unless a proper roof survey is carried out to prevent or fix any problems before they become expensive to fix.

The cost of an additional roof survey can be done as part of a more thorough survey or as an addition, which is not as costly as you might think and could save you thousands if it did highlight any problem areas.

Problems that can occur with roofing include blocked guttering which is a relatively simple problem to fix to at the extreme end major structural problems which can be expensive to fix. Buying a house these days can cost an arm and a leg so having this extra expense is not something most of us would want when buying a dream house.

The good thing about getting a roofing survey is, if there are any problems, you can use it as a further bargaining tool to knock money off the price and pay for the work in the process.

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