Ways To Avoid Rogue Roofing Contractors

If you have ever had the misfortune of a leaky roof, you will know just how much damage it can do to your house and how much of a clean-up is involved. Unfortunately, there will be a small number of people who are then conned by a rogue roofing contractor which only serves to magnify stress levels. So how do you avoid hiring a rogue roofing contractor?

If you pick up the phone book or search on the internet, as most people do these days, you will probably find several roofing contractors in your area. Some of them will be correctly qualified and legitimate while others may be only interested in relieving you of your hard earned cash under false pretences.

Try to look for an experienced contractor
In life as in roofing, there is no substitute for experience. An experienced roofer will have seen everything there is to see and will have dealt with many of the most common problems in their time.

Check to see if they offer a warranty
It is all to easy to hire someone to do a job and then find out when they have finished that the work doesn’t have a warranty. This means if a poor job is done, you may end up paying for the work to be done again.

Membership of trade bodies
A good tradesperson should be a member of at least one trade body to show that they care about their industry. If they don’t join what does that say about their attitude to the profession?

A free website that provides reviews and ratings to its members on various enterprises complete with background checks. No anonymous reviews are allowed giving the user more confidence in choosing a contractor.

If you stick to recommendations from friends who have used your roofer and have no complaints, this can be a fast way ensure your roofer is trustworthy.

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