Welsh Slate Transforms Cardigan Castle

Cardigan Castle has been transformed with the help of locally sourced Welsh slate as part of the most recent phase of redevelopment work.

The castle as with many other in Wales enjoys a long history as a local landmark, dating back to the 12th century. Also in common with other castles in Britain, it has also received plenty of damage over the course of a thousand years.

Following the Civil War, Cromwell’s set about dismantling some of the original structure before the Victorians arrived and helped restore some of its former glory. The 19th Century was a period when out ancient heritage was prized and often copied by contemporary architects of the time.

Unfortunately the arrival of the 20th Century saw another period of neglect which almost put the castle out of existence altogether.

Now with the help of funding and locally sourced Welsh slate, the castle is once again being restored and preserved for future generations to enjoy but at no small cost. The medieval facelift is cost £1 million to complete the first phase alone and as with any castle of this size, the ongoing maintenance of the site will require plenty additional funding in the future, which should come from tourism.

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