What is roof shrinkage and how can it be repaired?

If you find water leaking through your flat roof, it could be roof shrinkage causing the problem.

Roof shrinkage is a relatively common problem in flat and low-pitched roofs that many homeowners have not heard of.

Roof shrinkage is not caused by the actual roof shrinking, but rather the shrinkage of the EPDM membrane that covers the roofing materials.

What is EPDM?

An EPDM membrane is sometimes used on flat roofs instead of roofing felt to protect and weatherproof the roof.

EPDM is an extremely durable rubber material that can be expected to last 15-20 years if it is applied and maintained properly.

EPDM roof shrinkage

One problem you may encounter if your roof is covered in EPDM membrane shrinkage, often referred to as roof shrinkage.

If roof shrinkage goes unnoticed or is not fixed quickly it can cause more serious problems, including damage to the roofing materials underneath the EPDM and water leaking into your home.

What causes roof shrinkage?

There are several different factors that can cause the EPDM membrane on your roof to shrink, these include:

Incorrect application – The most common cause of roof shrinkage is incorrect installation. If the EPDM membrane is not applied to the roof correctly by a professional, it can result in shrinkage.

Poor quality – Buying a poor quality EDPM membrane can significantly reduce its performance and lifespan, sometimes resulting in shrinkage.

Harsh environments – Over time, harsh climates and weather conditions can cause your EPDM to shrink or deteriorate quicker.

How to fix EDPM roof shrinkage

If your EDPM membrane has shrunk, it is likely that there was a problem present at the point of application, especially if it has shrunk well within it’s expected lifespan.

You will need to consult a professional roofer to identify the cause of the problem and to re-install the membrane correctly.

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