What Is The Purpose Of Lead Roof Flashing?

Lead roof flashing is one of those things that never dates and never goes out of fashion.

You will see lead flashing on roofs hundreds of years old and you will still see it installed on roofs today because there is nothing that does its job better.

Without flashing, your tiled roof simply wouldn’t be waterproof and when a roofer installs a new roof, they will be spending most of their allotted time in this area to get the waterproofing exactly right.

So, no matter how expensive and high quality your roof tiles are, without flashing it won’t keep out the weather.

You can of course get flashing made from other materials but these are largely inferior to the protection and durability lead provides. Copper is one popular alternative which is cheaper, but it won’t last as long as lead.

Lead flashing on some buildings has been known to last in excess of 500 years, so it will most likely survive longer than the property it is fitted to. This is a good quality to have because the material itself has a history of being quite expensive hence why copper and other materials are used by roofers.

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