What to Do If Your Roof Is Damaged in A Storm

The UK is becoming an increasingly stormy place to live in recent years particularly during the autumn and winter months. For homeowners the most likely area to suffer damage in a storm is the roof and the level of damage can of course vary depending on its severity and how exposed the property is. Here’s what to do if you think your roof has been damaged in a storm.

One of the first things to do is assess the damage at ground level. No attempt should be made to try and fix the roof while while the weather is bad and if water is coming in all you can do is take steps to seal up gaps internally where possible and if the source of the leak is difficult to detect, place buckets in those areas where there are leaks.

Switching off power is also a good idea to avoid water coming into contact with electricity. If you are storing any items in areas in garages and attics that shouldn’t mix with water, these should be removed.

Once you have taken all necessary steps to protect the property you will then need to ring your insurance company to help with repairs. A professional roofing contractor should be used for roof repairs and to ensure the roof is properly protected against storm damage in the future.

Even if your home has never been affected by stormy weather it is important to keep an inventory of the items you have stored and the state of the roof which will help you make a claim.

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