What To Expect When Refurbishing A Slate Roof

There is no question that a slate roof when well maintained can last more than a lifetime, but if you slate roof has been in place for 100 years or more it may need some refurbishment that could entail more than just a minor roof repair

Common issues with slate tiled roofs include broken tiles, missing tiles and more serious issues including condensation appearing in the loft.

Work on replacing a slate roof will involve the removal of all the old tiles. It may be possible to retain a large number of these tiles for use on the new roof along with any reclaimed tiles you may be able to source. Any tiles that are broken beyond repair can then be disposed of.

This is typical of much of the early work on a roof replacement. It is possible to recycle a lot of the material that will be coming down including old wooden battens, lead which has good scrap value.

If you are fitting an entirely new slate roof, then a considerable amount of the cost could be covered simply by recycling your old slate. Once the old roof has been dismantled you may find there are additional costs in replacing things like roof trusses.

In terms of time, generally the smaller the roof the faster the work will be carried out. For small terraced homes the work could take as little as a week while a detached house with a complicated roof structure may take at least three times longer depending on how fast your roofers work.

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