When Slate Roofs Need Repairing

Slate roofs can last more than a lifetime, however there are occasions where slate tiles on houses over 100 years old need replacing. So here’s some advice on how to spot if repairs are needed, how much work is needed and common issues with old slate roofs.

If you have just bought an older property with a slate roof there is no need to be too concerned. If there is a leak or some of your tiles are broken, then it may not necessarily mean a costly roof replacement.

In fact the most common issues when slate roofs fail are connected to damaged slates or flashings that have deteriorated over time allowing water to seep in.

While it is possible to repair a slate roof yourself you will need to have experience in replacing slates flashings or both depending on the repairs needed. You also need to accurately identify the source of the leak so that you don’t waste time or damage perfectly slate tiles.

An experience roofing specialist should be able to quickly identify any leaks and make the necessary repairs with the minimum of fuss. You should however choose your tradesperson carefully and look for recommendations where possible.

It is all too easy to end up paying for more work than is required or for further damage if further slates are damaged in the process of making the repairs.

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