Which Roofing Material Offers The Best Long Term ROI?

There are numerous roofing tiles and materials available as well new ones coming on to the market all the time. So the challenge nowadays is to find the roofing material that offers the best value in the long term.

Slate for example is often promoted as a material that offers unrivalled durability, excellent strength while being low maintenance at the same time. It is true that that a well maintained a slate roof can last for a 100 years or so but when it comes to maintenance, damage to individual tiles can and does occur from time to time. Tiles can crack or fall out of place which means they then need to be replaced. Fortunately reclaimed slate tiles can be used for this purpose which can save on costs.

Concrete tiles are a far more common roof tile choice but again tiles can crack and break and this material won’t be as durable as slate. The same can be said for clay roof tiles which can be expensive to replace.

Some areas require roofs to be thatched and there is unlikely to be any other choice in protected areas of conservation. The drawbacks of thatched roofs include needing specialist skills to maintain and install the roof and the fire hazards that are always present with this type of roof.

Fake slate or synthetic roofing material is often touted as the ideal solution however even this can look cheap compared to say slate. Some of the cheaper materials on the market might also be hazardous in fires.

So the conclusion is there is no perfect roofing material and the decision is largely down to personal taste and of course your budget.

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