Which Style Of Roof Lasts Longer?

If you have a slate roof, the chances are you won’t need to worry too much about replacing your roof but you may be surprised to hear that the position and pitch of your roof can influence how long your roof lasts.

Flat roofs for example can be problematic because it doesn’t allow debris to drain away and this along with water can collect on top of it, potentially causing leaks over time. Debris can also be a problem on shallow pitch roofs. Debris will also collect water which will hold in moisture and encourage moss and algae to form.

A steep roof meanwhile will allow most debris to slide off as well as any water and of course snow, which is why you find steep pitch roofs in alpine houses.

That said steep pitched roofs can feel the full effects of heat from the sun particularly if they are south facing. The accumulating effects of sun beating down on a roof can also shorten its lifespan unless it is properly vented.

The key thing to remember with any roof is to ensure it is well-maintained and checked regularly for leaks which can soon grow from a minor problem into something major.

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