Which Type Of Slate Is Best For Your Building Project?

If you are new to the building trade you may not be aware that slate can either be natural or man-made which can present you with a tough choice. Which one is best?

Which one you choose will depend as much on your budget as it does on the area in which you are building. Your choice may be limited to natural slate in any case if you are building in a conservation area but if there are no restrictions then it is important to consider the qualities of each to help make a decision.

Natural slate is not only the most sustainable choice, it will also be the most durable and attractive option compared to manmade slate. A real slate roof will enhance any building and you can be confident that what you end up with is unique.

One drawback as with most natural materials is the uniformity of size. If your slate is manufactured from fibre cement, then it will be easier and take less time to fit a roof or replace tiles.

So using natural slate means you will be spending more on hiring tradespeople to fit the slate and paying more for the material than you would for cement slate. If you buy reclaimed slate tiles you can reduce these costs because you will be recycling the material. So it’s better for the environment and you get the same durability for less than it costs to buy natural slates new.

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