Why A Slate Roof Is Worth The Investment

There doubting the desirability of slate as a roofing material. It has been used for centuries on the roofs of churches, houses and many other types of buildings over the years. If we look back however people often had little choice other than to use slate or a handful of other materials for roofs so today with several choices of material to choose from, what is it about a slate roof that continues to make it such a good investment?

Maintenance costs will be lower
Once you install a slate roof that will be probably be it apart from the odd inspection and some annual cleaning of the gutters. Slate is incredibly tough and resistant to everything the weather can throw at it including water. This is why it has remained such a desirable choice as a roofing material.

You can buy reclaimed slate
Slate is possibly the only roofing material you can buy reclaimed and still get many years out of it. This means it is not only environmentally friendly but you will also get to benefit from the longevity of slate without the high cost of buying slate of the same quality new.

It just looks better than alternative materials

There can be no argument that slate looks good on a roof. The beauty of slate lies in its entirely natural composition. It will also keep its colour and shape unlike some alternative materials that can suffer from exposure to the elements.

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