Why Shouldn’t You Walk On A Slate Roof?

If your roof is showing signs of damage, you may be tempted to get out some ladders to help you get up onto the roof and take a closer look. One thing you should never do aside from working at height if you’re not experienced is to try and stand up or walk on a slate roof. Here are some reasons why…

If you or even your satellite dish installer think it’s a good idea to walk on slate tiles then you should be aware that there are two potential outcomes, none of which are good.

The first is the likelihood that slates will suffer damage as a result. This can lead to costly repairs when slate is amongst the most expensive roofing materials you can buy. At the very least it could mean minor damage which can result in the need for extensive repairs if damage goes unnoticed for any length of time.

The next issue is of course the danger. Pitched slate roofs are particularly dangerous and the fragility of the slate when it is walked on only adds to the danger. Slate is also resistant to water so any surface water will run down the slate and make it even more dangerous to walk on.

If you are in any doubt about roof repairs, contact an experienced roofer, it simply isn’t worth the risk attempting to repair a roof yourself.

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