Westmorland Green Slate

At All Slates UK Limited we stock a wide selection of the unique and extremely popular Westmorland Green slate. This high quality slate is one of the most admired slate varieties around, and for good reason.

Beautiful Westmorland Green Slate from All Slates UK Limited

Originating from the Lake District, Cumbria, Westmorland Green slate is a fine-looking slate with a delicate green colour, and has been quarried in the area for over 400 years. It is an extremely popular slate across Cumbria, and is an ideal roofing material for traditional buildings. That’s because as a reclaimed slate, Westmorland Green slates help to maintain the classic, period style of a property, without compromising on quality.

The unique colour of Westmorland Green slate originates from its formation 500 million years ago, from metamorphosed volcanic ash containing green colouring chlorides.

Thanks to its inherent natural beauty, this type of reclaimed slate is ideally suited for adding character to any property, or for use as a roofing replacement for a historic building in need of repair.

Due to its uniqueness, Westmorland Green slate is very much in demand, and as such, this material often suffers from a lack of supply. This means that the price of Westmorland Green slate fluctuates continually, depending on the availability of reclaimed roof slates at a particular time within the area.

At All Slates UK Limited we offer a range of excellent quality, reclaimed Westmorland Green slates. These are available in a range of sizes, which vary from batch to batch depending on what is available for local reclamation. Typically our Westmorland Green slates will be available in sizes from 10” to 24”, and in varying widths, subject to availability.

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The guide price for Westmorland Green Slate is generally in the range of £795 per ton, plus VAT. If you would like more information about the pricing of our Westmorland Green slates call us on 01829 262 600, or compete our online enquiry form below, for a free and accurate quote.